I have been asked this question throughout my entire career, and I always seemed to have an extremely thorough response:

Sometimes I would focus on the Central Nervous System and how this is the master controller of your entire body.

Sometimes I would talk about the above, down, and inside out philosophy when it comes to your health.

Sometimes I would introduce how the body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism.

All of these responses seemed to capture the essence of why I am a Chiropractor, but then I started thinking…

Is This REALLY WHY I Have Dedicated My Life To Being A Chiropractor?

This question set me on an introspective journey to assess my ultimate drive as a chiropractor and human being.

I started performing some research into the history of chiropractic as I have done in the past, however this time it was in a different approach.

I read about the founding fathers of our profession and how they were put in jail for practicing what they believe.

I read a variety of published studies validating chiropractic and everything we stand for.

I read quotes from some of the great chiropractors of today and the yesteryears.

And Then It Hit Me:

The reason why I am a chiropractor is because I am obsessed with helping people take their lives to the next level.

Let Me Explain.

Whether you visit our office and you are completely out of shape or you have just completed an Iron Man Triathlon, my motivation is to help you get from where you currently are to where I know is possible for you.

This holds true for newborns, seniors, and everyone in between.

When nerve interference is removed, your quality of life, your ability to accomplish goals, and your overall health will soar.

The Reason I Am A Chiropractor Is Because I Am Driven To Help Take YOUR LIFE, And The Lives Of The People You Care About Most, To The Next Level.

This is what drives me, this is what gets me out of bed in the morning, and this is WHY I DO, WHAT I DO!

Thank you for allowing me to share this short blog post with you and feel free to call our office if you desire to experience life differently (and sooooo much better) than ever before.

My staff and I are here for you!